Its Time for a Remodel

No matter its size, your home is your castle; and for most, the greatest asset you own. Protecting and preserving your asset requires a great deal of work and expense. As a home ages, its exterior becomes a victim to the elements. Sun, rain, wind, heat and cold all wreak havoc on components such as the roof, exterior paint, windows, doors and landscape. Shingles discolor or disappear, paint starts to chip and peel, windows and doors begin to crack and leak, plants do not survive the winter, etc...

When the need or desire arises to repair, renovate or simply update your home, there are many questions to consider. “What project cannot absolutely wait another season? What home project will fit in within our budget? What kind of disruption to my daily life will be experienced during the repair/renovation? What project will create the biggest impact to my home?”

Home improvement projects such as landscaping or roof replacement can be very costly and time consuming.  Landscaping projects can easily run into the tens of thousands of dollars while causing disruption and mess for weeks.  Roofing replacement can be equally expensive and messy.  However, replacing your front door can usually be done in a single day and cause very little disruption to your life.

For a majority of homes, the front door area is the central focus. A fatigued front door can distress the entire look of the house. Wood doors, while beautiful when new, simply do not handle the elements. Within a few months, new wood doors begin to fade. A few years of exposure causes polyurethane finishes on the wood doors to deteriorate and peel. If the polyurethane finish is not maintained, the door will begin to splinter and crack letting in light and moisture. Once a wood door has reached this level of failure, there is little that can be done to restore it. Annual sanding and refinishing can prolong a wood door’s life but, inevitably, the wood door must be replaced. There are many options when it comes to replacing your front door. There is, of course, a new wood door that will just have the same issues as its predecessor. Fiberglass and steel doors are an option but often lack the beauty and distinction of a new wood door.

Over the last ten years, ornamental iron doors have become a very popular front door replacement option due to their durability and lasting beauty.  These doors are constructed from high strength welded steel.  This gives these doors and immediate strength advantage over any other door on the market.  Additionally, ornamental iron doors are finished with high quality baked on finishes.  These finishes will outlast most any clear coat applied to a wood door.   When people begin to shop for ornamental iron doors, they find their options are vast. Patterns, colors, glass and handles are some of the main features that shoppers find that can be customized. The buying experience is usually more personalized as each door is tailored to the customer and their homes.

Iron doors can make a dramatic change to the front of your home.

Iron doors can make a dramatic change to the front of your home.

The impact an ornamental iron door can make to your home can be dramatic. Something as simple as replacing your front door can give your home a whole new fresh look.