Beautiful. Durable. Secure. Energy Efficient. Believe it or not, these are all words that describe Tuscan Iron Entry’s Elite ES-One line of custom iron doors. Not only are they gorgeous, adding value to your home and miles of curb appeal, but they will outlast any wood door and provide a higher level of security. What may be the most surprising benefits of these doors is they can reduce your home’s energy cost and keep your living spaces more comfortable. Actually, Tuscan Iron Entry’s Elite ES-One are the most energy efficient ornamental iron doors on the market.

Climate Control Design


Historically speaking, wrought iron doors have a bad rap when it comes to climate control. This is largely due to the inherent nature of iron to be a great conductor, and therefore transferring the thermal environment outside (be it hot or cold) to the inside of the door. Regular iron doors can build up dripping condensation on the inside, leading to mold issues and flooring damage. In extreme cold they can even build up frost on the inside of the glass!

Tuscan Iron Entry’s Elite ES-One doors harness a patent-pending technology to minimize the transfer of temperature between the inside and outside of the door with a thermal break. This thermal break provides a barrier between both sides of the door, disrupting the conduction of heat or cold between them. In addition to the door’s thermal break, an insulating foam core further ensures optimal performance in any climate.

But it isn’t just the door design that delivers the overall energy efficiency of these doors! Stay tuned for our next blog in this series to learn more about all the energy efficient components of a Tuscan Iron Entry Elite ES-One door.