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About Us



Operating for over 20 years, family owned Tuscan Iron Entries designs and manufactures the highest quality ornamental iron doors on the market.  Our high standards are achieved by producing our products in the USA with domestic materials, computer controlled equipment, and highly skilled artisans. 


Not only are our doors of superior quality, but they are also energy efficient.  Using a patented thermal break construction method, the Tuscan's product line boasts some of the best energy ratings in the ornamental iron door class.






Tuscan Iron Entries takes great pride in the fact that we design everything from front door construction methods all the way to scrollwork. Our designs are then taken directly to our manufacturing floor for production.

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Our doors are produced in our 30,000 ft² facility located in Collierville, Tennessee. They're created using the latest software and CNC equipment ensuring the tight tolerances necessary for a well performing door unit.


Each door undergoes a multi-step finishing process. The doors are first degreased and washed to allow for maximum adhesion of the paint coats. Next, the doors are zinc coated to allow for maximum protection against corrosion. Then, a black top coat is baked on, which serves as the base to which we apply the antique finish by hand. The final result is a gorgeous door with a beautifully smooth finish.

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While the installation process is not complicated, we do not recommend this as a DIY project. Special care is required during the installation to make sure the door is shimmed and leveled properly for maximum performance.

Our distributors offer installation or we can recommend a local professional to provide such a service. Please check with your local distributor for pricing and details.