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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I replace my current door with an iron door?
    Yes! Each of our doors are custom made to match any particular door opening. So whether you're building a new home, or simply replacing your old door, Tuscan Iron Entries can help!
  • Do you make back doors and patio doors as well?
    Yes! Our doors are custom made to fit any opening. We produce front doors, back doors, side doors, patio doors, wine cellar doors and more.
  • Do you provide storm doors?
    We do not provide storm doors. We exclusively replace doors and/or provide doors for new-construction.
  • How long does it take to get my door(s) made?
    It typically takes 14-16 weeks to have your door made and installed. Bear in mind that our products are custom made and manufactured in the order they're contracted.
  • How much do your doors cost?
    Price varies depending on the size and shape of your particular door. Feel free to contact us to request a quote. It's completely free!
  • Do your doors come with a warranty?
    Our doors' warranties vary depending on specific parts. General manufacturing warranty -- Ten years* Door sweeps, seals and weather-stripping -- One year Handle Sets (By Emtek®) Tubular sets Mechanism warranty -- Two years Finish warranty -- Five years Sandcast sets Mechanism warranty -- Two years Finish warranty -- None *General manufacturing warranty does not include the door's finish. **We still provide maintenance on our products after warranties expire. Material and service call fees will apply.
  • Do you have a showroom?
    Yes! We have a showroom located in Collierville, Tennessee, just east of Memphis. View numerous door designs, handle sets, glass options, and more! We recommend calling in advance to schedule an appointment with a sales representative. Hours: Mon-Fri: 8AM - 4:30PM | Sat: 9AM - 11:30AM Public restroom available.
  • How does the glass work with iron doors?
    One of our stand-out features is our hinged glass. Owners of our doors are able to "open" the glass at anytime, allowing for easy cleaning and airflow when the weather is nice. Our glass is also tempered and double-paned. This means the glass is much stronger and insulative than standard glass. Learn more here.
  • Are you also Custom Fence Company?
    We were formally known as Custom Fence Company. Now our primary focus is iron doors, hence the name change!
  • Can I customize the design of my iron door?
    Yes! Although we offer many standard design options, our design team is equipped with the tools needed to draw up just about any design you're looking for. If you're interested in a design that you've found elsewhere, feel free to bring in a picture! Odds are, we can implement that design into your door.
  • What materials are Tuscan iron doors made out of?
    To ensure maximum durability and quality, we use premium-quality 14 gauge steel to fabricate our iron doors. This hot rolled P&O steel is press formed and press broken into shape through our manufacturing process.
  • Do you offer financing options?
    Tuscan Iron Entries offers two different financing options, both through EnerBank USA: 12 month financing (0% interest) 5 year financing (7% interest)
  • Do you provide maintenance and repair work?
    We specifically service our own products and customers. We do not provide maintenance on other products.
  • How do I clean my iron doors?
    We've found that gently wiping the door with a lint free cloth paired with warm water and non-abrasive dish soap is very effective. While there are other aftermarket cleaning solutions available, there are none that Tuscan Iron Entries endorses. If you decide to use aftermarket cleaning solutions, we highly recommend researching before purchasing!
  • My door is starting to sink and it's hard to latch. What's happening?
    It's likely that your door just needs a simple adjustment. This means that the screws in the door's hinges need to be tightened. Feel free to contact us for a service call!
  • Will you install my door(s)?
    If you're located in one of our service areas, we will take care of the installation of your door(s). This includes the removal and disposal of your previous door, free of charge.
  • What areas do you service?
    Through our various distributors, we service parts of Tennessee, Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama, and North Carolina. However, we ship our doors across the country. Learn more here.
  • Do you ship your doors across the country?
    Yes! We ship nationwide. **Alaska and Hawaii are excluded.
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