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Our Tuscan Elite Series of doors boast a number of features that bring every entryway to the next level.

Aluminum T-Astragal

Exclusively available in a Tuscan Iron Entries door is our extruded aluminum t-astragal. The t-astragal is a component which fits on the inactive door of a double door unit. It is the piece which the active door shuts to and seals against. Flush bolts mounted in the

t-astragal keep the inactive door tightly closed by engaging into the threshold at the bottom and into jamb at the top.

The competitive products have a welded “slam bar” in place of our T-astragal. This “slam bar” is unattractive in comparison and it lends to less flexibility when it comes to the door’s handing. A welded slam bar must be installed at the time of fabrication which “forces” the door to be handed left or right. Our t-astragal is installed after the door is ordered. This gives our customers the freedom to select which side of the door is to be active.


Operable Glass

An absolute must for any ornamental iron door is operable glass. Without glass that can open, it would be very difficult to clean through the scrollwork. It is also beneficial to be able to open the glass when the weather is nice outside.

Our glass is tempered and insulated. Tempering is a process in which the glass is heated to extreme temperatures and then cooled quickly. It then becomes stronger and safer than regular glass. If the glass breaks, it will form thousands of small, relatively harmless pieces of glass. Non-tempered glass forms large, dangerous shards when broken. Tempering is required by code.

The insulating properties of the glass allow it to perform better in the cold of the winter and the heat of the summer.

Insulated & Weather-Sealed

Even more important than the appearance of a Tuscan Iron Entries door is its performance. For sound dampening and thermal properties, every door is polyurethane foam-injected. In many of our competitor’s products, the bottom panel is a single piece of sheet metal. We use two pieces of sheet metal separated by an air gap which is insulated.

Our doors are fully weather-sealed around the jamb, at the threshold, and around the windows. Once the doors are closed, a very tight and leak-free seal is achieved.

insulation close up.jpg
photo 5(1).jpg

Integrated Threshold

Before shipping, every door is equipped with a threshold. We install these at the factory so that field installation is simplified. There is no need to field fit a threshold with one of our doors resulting in a time savings during installation. Factory installation of the threshhold ensures a perfect fit that will seal tightly.

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Numerous Designs To Choose From.

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