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Interior designer program

Are You a Designer?

Join Our Designer Program.

  • Manufacturer supply sales incentives

  • Priority delivery: receive doors up to 4 weeks earlier than quoted lead times

  • Full service: from order to installation

  • Inclusion on our website's list of preferred designers, social media mentions, and access to our in-house marketing team for cross-promotional marketing opportunities

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We understand the amount of time it takes to not only create beautiful and functional spaces, but to also meet the needs of various clients. And because of how thoroughly involved interior design can be behind the scenes, it may feel like it takes away from core of what it's all about: designing.

At Tuscan Iron Entries, we want to help remove some of your workload by providing you with an entire catalogue of home-transforming steel doors, with installation services included, all while giving you a commission off the top of each sale. But the perks don't end there! Read on to learn more about the benefits of joining Tuscan's Professional Designer Program.

Access to Numerous Door Designs & Styles 

At Tuscan Iron Entries, our doors boast a wide range of design options. Some designs showcase exquisite scrollwork and curvature, while other designs take a modest approach with straight edges and simplistic patterns. No matter what your client is looking for, we've got you covered.

Modern Steel Doors
Fancy iron door

Commissions & Sales Incentives

Having a huge selection of beautiful doors is nice and all, but we want to make this program worth your time and efforts, too. Members of Tuscan's Professional Designer Program are given exclusive sales incentives!

Expedited Order Placement & Delivery 

It's important that your clients feel prioritized and important. That is why Members of Tuscan's Professional Designer program will be given priority over orders, allowing their clients to receive their doors up to 4 weeks earlier than the standard quoted lead times.

Glass Door Entryway
Iron door installation services

We're Your One Stop Shop

The entire door process can be such a hassle; whether it's getting measurements, ordering/invoicing, or having the door installed. Tuscan Iron Entries is here to simplify this entire process. Not only will you have direct contact with Tuscan's skilled team members, but you will also receive assistance with the technical stuff -- Like getting proper measurements and correctly pricing out invoices/placing orders. Not to mention, we have our own crews who take care of all installations!

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