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4 Ways Steel Doors & Windows Can Transform Your Home in 2024

Tuscan Iron Entries' Slimline series of products continue to grow in popularity -- due to their minimalist design, durable build quality, and most importantly -- their versatility. Just about any part of a house can benefit from these custom made steel and glass additions. Whether you're a homeowner wanting to revamp the look and feel of your current home, or you're building a new one, Slimline may be the one-stop solution you're looking for. Let's go over 4 different ways that Slimline steel products can be integrated to your home's design.

steel french doors

Entryways & Foyers

Installing Slimline steel french doors at the front of a home offers many benefits. Namely, its eye-catching, modern design can boost any home's curb appeal. And because these doors are glass-prominent, they brighten up foyers with plenty of natural light. Whether you're looking to refine your entryway, or it's simply time to replace your wood door, Tuscan's Slimline doors are sure to impress.

exterior glass walls

Patios & Sunrooms

Not surprisingly, one of the most common places you'll find Slimline products are on the backs of homes, enclosing patios and sunrooms. Homeowners get to choose how functional they'd like these exterior glass walls to be. Wanting to incorporate doors to the outside? Done. Looking for a fixed glass wall system instead? We can do that, too. No matter what you're looking for, Slimline glass wall systems have the power to completely transform patios and sunrooms.

steel casement windows

Dining Rooms & Living Areas

The dining room is a frequently used part of the home, so it's only fitting to install a beautiful steel frame window in that section of the house. Whether it's enjoying breakfast, lunch or dinner, your experience will be enhanced with a wonderful view to the outside. And since all Slimline steel windows are custom made -- They can be built to fit any sized dining room or living area.

home office doors

Home Offices

Who's to say you can't have interior steel French doors? Home offices are a great way to implement these products. These doors separate the office from the rest of the home to keep things quiet -- But since they feature lots of glass, the room won't feel completely cut off from the rest of the house either. It's a great balance!

It doesn't matter what stage you're at as a homeowner -- Maybe you've just purchased your first home and it needs some updates. Or perhaps you're building a new home and have a vision for it to embrace modern aesthetics. Maybe you've lived in the same home for years and are simply ready to make some changes. Regardless, Slimline steel doors and windows from Tuscan Iron Entries will transform any home. Want to learn more? Explore our website!


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