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Increasing Quality & Efficiency at Tuscan Iron Entries

Aneel Siddiqui, President of Tuscan Iron Entries recently made an announcement after the company took delivery of new manufacturing equipment. With Tuscan's priority being to provide customers with the highest quality doors, this machinery upgrade has been greatly anticipated and welcomed.

Metal door laser cutting machine

The new computer controlled laser-cutting equipment, produced by Trumpf, Inc., will allow for more efficiency throughout Tuscan's door production process. President Siddiqui says: "By using CNC equipment, we're able to make better parts, we're able to make them faster, and more precise."

Production efficiency isn't the only advantage that comes from this upgrade. The customers of Tuscan Iron Entries will also benefit. "Our Trumpf laser will allow us to produce the doors with higher quality, have them delivered them quicker, and have the end user provided with a better product", President Siddiqui goes on to say.

Unlike many other competitors, Tuscan Iron Entries produces their doors domestically, with no materials being imported from overseas. With access to premium quality American materials, cutting-edge manufacturing technology, and highly skilled artisans, Tuscan Iron Entries continues to be a leading supplier of ornamental iron doors across the nation.

To learn more about Tuscan's experience upgrading to the new CNC equipment, please watch the video showcasing President Siddiqui's announcement.

American made iron doors.


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