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Iron Front Doors

Give your home a facelift! Replace your old wood doors.
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Ornamental iron doors are an excellent way to add curb appeal and value to your home. An installation of an iron door generally takes no more than one day. And unlike most home remodeling projects, replacing you old wood door with an iron door causes little if no disruption to your daily life. Adding a steel door to your home is one of the few home remodeling projects that actually adds value to your home. In fact, it tops the list of The 5 Best Home Improvements for your money.


framed houseStart with a lasting entry on your new construction project!

More and more homebuilders and home buyers alike are choosing ornamental iron doors from the beginning. Why wait until your wood entry begins to show the ravages of the elements. Start with something that will last. An iron door will last the life of your home with little maintainence. Order a custom door in the framing stages of your new construction project. Stock doors can be ordered later in the project timeline, but it is recommended to install the door just before the brick or stone facade is applied to your entryway.


Custom Ornamental Wrought Iron Entry Doors

Tuscan Iron Entries specializes in custom made ornamental iron doors which can be seen in our showrooms in Memphis and Nashville, TN. We are one of the few manufacturers that actually produce our doors in the USA. Our doors are fabricated, painted and finished in our facility in Collierville, TN, a suburb of Memphis, TN. Every custom iron entry door is built to order based on our customers' specifications. Our USA made ornamental iron doors are ideal for any remodeling project as they are built to fit an existing opening. Our doors are made to fit the house, not the other way around.


Imported Ornamental Wrought Iron Entry Doors

Tuscan Iron Entries now offers a line of imported iron doors. Imported iron doors are an ideal choice for new construction projects and when customers have tight time lines. Our imports are built using similar specifications and designs that can be seen in our USA made iron doors. We our continually working with our suppliers to ensure that the products we receive conform to the quality standards that the American consumer expects.



Tuscan Iron Entries is an Iron Door company. Our main offerings include: Iron Entry Doors, Double Iron Doors, Imported Iron Doors and Custom Iron Doors for new construction or home improvement and remodeling projects.


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