Beautiful Iron Doors.

Adding style, security, and value to your home.

Wrought Iron Door

Inspired by the old-world architecture of the Mediterranean, our Tuscan Elite series features designs ranging from simple and clean to elaborate and dramatic.  

Iron Door Handles

A touch of steel married with glass produces a space that is clean, open and striking.  Create a modern and inviting look with a door from this product line.

Luxury glass doors

American Made

Not only does Tuscan create each door using U.S. quality steel and glass, but we also properly insulate our doors and avoid using body fillers.

Energy Efficient

Tuscan Iron Entries provides some of the most energy efficient iron doors on the market, which can result in lower heating and cooling costs.

Sweat Resistant

With Tuscan's patented thermal-break technology, heat transfer from the exterior is greatly reduced, which prevents the doors from "sweating".


Tuscan's products provide  beauty, security, and value to every home. The difference after upgrading to an ornamental iron door could not be overstated.

Tuscan Iron Entries Customers

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Working With

We've recently designed, built, and installed a door for one of kathy ireland® Worldwide's design/art venues. This also has led Tuscan Iron Entries into becoming a partner in Kathy Ireland's Small Business Network.

To learn more, watch our video documenting our experience.

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