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Buyer Beware: Things to Watch Out for When Shopping for Iron Doors

Over the years, the demand for iron doors has been increasing at a steady rate, due to their durability, strength, and visual appeal. And with this increased demand, more and more ironworks companies are popping up across the country, providing their own iron doors. While this greater accessibility for consumers is important, it's equally as important to make sure the door supplier you end up choosing is a reputable company and transparent about their products -- Because working with a non-reputable iron door company may lead short term and long term issues with your purchase. Here are three things to watch out for when exploring different iron door companies.

High quality iron door

Quality of Materials Used

Almost all of the benefits that come from owning iron doors are directly because of the quality of materials used in their construction. A company that doesn't provide information about the materials they use could mean they're using subpar materials or cutting corners during the manufacturing process to save on costs. This may result in a cheaper door, but it also results in a door that's less durable, less secure, and less safe.

How Are the Doors Finished? Paint vs Powder Coat

The finishing process on an iron door is hugely important. Iron doors with a standard paint finish are much more likely to be affected and tarnished by various weather elements. Contrarily, iron doors that are powder coated are less prone to exterior damage, due to the thorough multi-step finishing process they go through -- providing a much more thick and strong finish compared to paint. So, when shopping for iron doors, be sure the door supplier in question is finishing their doors properly!

Beautiful iron door design

How is Company Communication?

A business is only as good as its customer service. While on the hunt for new iron doors, communication is key -- Contacting a door supplier with questions should be an easy process. An openness and willingness to answer questions speaks volumes to a company's credibility as well. Some suppliers may make the purchasing process extremely simple without any communication -- but it's important to remember that this lack of communication could be the difference between receiving a high quality iron door and a low quality iron door.

A company that checks all of the right boxes is Tuscan Iron Entries. Being in operation for over 25 years, Tuscan Iron Entries continues to be a leading provider of high quality iron doors in the United States. Each Tuscan door is handled with care -- from being designed in-house, to being built with premium quality materials, to receiving an extremely durable powder coat, and beyond. Not to mention, Tuscan Iron Entries is a family-owned company with top notch customer service.

Ready to invest in an iron door? Feel free to contact us!


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