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How Iron Doors Benefit Your Home in the Winter

It happens every year -- Winter comes around, the weather gets cooler, and we find ourselves spending more time indoors to keep warm...And that's when the problems arise. Cold air is leaking into the house, we're having to constantly adjust the thermostat, and the heating bill takes a hit. However, there's a solution that will help significantly reduce the problems your home faces when it's cold outside: Replacing your front door with an iron door. Here are a few ways iron doors benefit your home in the winter.

Insulated doors for cold rooms

Iron Doors Are Insulated & Thermally Broken

Preventing air from leaking into your home is a necessity, especially during the winter months. Fortunately, iron doors from Tuscan Iron Entries are able to halt the transfer of cold temperatures with thermal break technology. During the manufacturing process, a highly insulated thermal barrier is created within each door. This barrier is what keeps the cold from entering your home.

Iron Doors Are Energy Efficient During the Winter

Another major benefit stems from having thermally broken doors. Because owners of iron doors have better control over maintaining the temperature inside, the heating bills aren't affected as drastically during the cold months -- And since iron doors are just as energy efficient in the summertime, the savings happen all year!

Winter front door

Iron Doors Have Insulated Glass

Another way for cold air to leak into your home is through the glass panes in your traditional front door. Iron doors combat this by hinging heavily insulated glass panels to the interior side of the door. These panels are tightly sealed, preventing leaks of air, snow, ice, and other winter elements.

Iron Doors Are Snow & Frost Resistant

Over time, snow and ice will cause damage to a traditional wood door. Iron doors, on the other hand, have a much greater resistance to winter elements. This is because of the thorough finishing process that every iron door undergoes. At Tuscan Iron Entries, doors receive a baked-on coat of epoxy primer, followed by an extremely durable powder coat. This, alongside routine cleaning, allows for maximum protection against troublesome winter elements.

Replace Your Door for Next Winter

There's no better way to prepare for next winter than replacing your front door with a highly insulated iron door. Tuscan Iron Entries is a leading provider of iron entry doors for all climates. To learn more about the special features of iron doors, click here.


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