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How To Make a Small Room Feel Bigger

How to make a small room feel bigger - furniture

Need to add some liveliness to your tiny room? When dealing with small spaces, every decision goes a long way. Whether you're wanting to make small incremental changes, or you're ready to take big steps to optimize your room -- the following tips and tricks are sure to help bring your small room to life.

Remove Clutter

It may sound simple, but it's extremely effective. Keeping spaces clear and limiting the amount of items placed on surfaces is a great way to make a room feel more open.

Utilize Multi-Functional Furniture to Decrease The Amount of Items in the Room

When trying to make a room feel large, it's recommended to display a very small amount of furniture. However, each piece of furniture should have more than one purpose. This makes a room to feel big and open, but still maintains an accessibility for day-to-day living. Floating desks, consoles that convert into dining tables, and convertible sleeper chairs are just a few of the many examples of effective and multi-functional furniture.

Keep An Open Entrance

Making a room feel big starts with its entrance. Many experts suggest keeping your furniture and other items away from the room's entrance. This fools the eye into thinking the room is more spacious!

How to make a small room feel bigger - slimline

Let in As Much Natural Light As Possible

By far one of the most powerful ways to increase a room's perceived size is by letting in natural light. And lots of it. While opening your blinds is a great start, it's far from being the most effective. Steel and glass windows and doors are the ideal way to get sunlight into your room. Because of superior strength of steel, steel windows can be made at larger sizes than standard windows, allowing the maximum amount of light to come through. Not to mention, steel windows and doors provide a sleek, clean, and modern look to any room.

Slimline windows and doors are the best of the best when it comes to steel windows and doors. They're custom made to fit any space. No matter the size of your room, a Slimline window will do the trick. Learn more about Slimline products here.

Use Light Colors on Walls

Color plays a huge role in making a room feel spacious. Lighter walls are very reflective compared to darker walls. When bright walls are paired with the natural light that Slimline windows let in, it's no doubt that your room will be looking noticeably bigger.

Ready To Upgrade Your Window Game?

Slimline windows and doors give any room a modern touch, without sacrificing strength and durability. Contact Tuscan Iron Entries for a free quote on a new Slimline unit today.


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