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Iron Door Decoration Ideas

Ornamental iron doors are already so decorative and stately to begin with -- But with the right style and the right amount of outside décor, it's possible to take your already-gorgeous iron door and bring it to the next level. To help provide inspiration, we've compiled a handful of decoration tips along with picture examples.

Iron door decorations and wreaths.

Don't Overlook Wreaths

Just because iron doors are less traditional than wood doors doesn't mean traditional door decorations won't work! Door wreaths have been a popular decoration choice for centuries, and they continue to give extra personality to millions of home entries across the world.

Tuscan Iron Entries doors most commonly come in their signature dark bronze color. This dark and subtle tone allows for wreaths to leave a big impression against the door. Pictured here is Tuscan's Benoit style door accompanied by two green wreaths mixed with yellow and black ribbons.

Porch plants decoration ideas

Use Porch Plants To Frame Your Iron Door

With nearly limitless options available, plants, shrubs, and other kinds of greenery are an effective way to spruce up any part of the home -- including the front door. Placing greenery around an iron or steel door makes the home feel calm and inviting.

At first, the process may seem as simple as purchasing various plants and placing them around your iron door. However, it's important for decorations around your door to feel "balanced". So, when adding greenery to the front entrance of your home, be sure to add a sense of symmetry, as to not distract from the main attraction: your beautiful iron door. Pictured above is a door from Tuscan Iron Entries' Slimline series. On both sides of the door are topiary plants with potted flowers placed in front of them.

Beautiful iron door with fall decorations

Take Advantage of Different Seasons

It's always fun to swap out decorations as the seasons change throughout the year. Consistent decoration changes prevent the front of the home from looking stale. Not only will it continue to catch the attention of passersby in your neighborhood, but it will continue to catch your attention every time you leave or enter your home. Pictured above is a Tuscan Iron Entries McKnight style door decorated for the Fall season, complete with pumpkins and a scarecrow.

Glass door with beautiful decorations inspiration

Decorate Above Your Door

It's common to see decorations next to or directly on a door -- But when highlighting an iron door, consider decorating above it! Tuscan Iron Entries offers doors with full radius tops. These half-circle tops particularly work well with decorations placed above them. The door pictured above is another incredible Slimline door, sporting an assortment of bows and ornaments.

Tuscan Iron Entries is a leading provider of ornamental iron doors and modern glass doors across the United States. For more decoration inspiration, visit our iron door design galleries here.


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