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What Is Operable Glass?

Glass panels come standard in most entry doors, with their main purpose being to allow the homeowner to see outside without needing to open the door. However, when owning iron doors, glass plays a bigger role -- and its functionality increases. Not only do iron door glass panels allow for greater outdoor visibility, but the panels are also operable.

Operable glass on a wrought iron door.

So, what exactly IS operable glass?

Operable glass panels are securely hinged onto the interior side of an iron door. This means the glass panels are able to be opened or closed at any given time. Being able to open the glass panels allow the user to clean the door's scrollwork, which would otherwise be a difficult task. An added benefit comes when the weather is nice outside -- Opening the glass panels allow for airflow into the home!

Tuscan Iron Entries offers high quality ornamental iron doors -- All of which come standard with securely hinged operable glass. To learn more about the features of Tuscan Entry doors, click here.


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