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Wine Cellar Doors: Which Door is Best?

Building a wine cellar requires a lot of planning -- The room's location, size, and insulative properties are each important factors when putting a wine cellar together. An additional aspect of wine cellars that should not be overlooked are their entry doors -- and with multiple kinds of wine cellar doors available, it can be a little overwhelming to decide which door will work best. Here at Tuscan Iron Entries, we wanted make this process a little easier, by comparing and contrasting the various wine cellar doors that are available. Listed below are the three primary types of doors used for wine cellars:

Traditional Wood Doors

Although they're commonly used and slightly more affordable, wood doors as an entrance to wine cellars can provide mixed results. Assuming you'd want a cellar that's climate controlled, the build quality of a traditional wood door becomes very important. If a cheaper, interior grade wood door is used, there's greater chance for condensation to occur on the door, which will degrade its quality over time.

Iron Wine Cellar Door

Traditional Iron Doors

Providing a much more stately look, iron doors are a great choice for wine cellars. They have a significantly greater build quality compared to wood doors. Iron doors from Tuscan Iron Entries are properly insulated -- whether it be the doors' thermal break technology, or its double paned and insulated glass, Tuscan Iron doors have got you covered for climate controlled wine cellars.

Steel and glass wine cellar door

Steel and Glass Doors

In recent years, steel and glass doors have become a popular choice throughout the entire house, including wine cellars. For homeowners wanting to make a statement with their wine cellar, steel and glass doors should definitely be considered. Their clean, modern, and glass-forward style put a focus on the wine cellar itself, easily making it a major highlight of the home. When choosing steel and glass doors, choose Slimline doors from Tuscan Iron Entries. Learn more here.

Ready to choose your wine cellar door?

If you're in the market for tradition iron doors, or steel and glass doors for your wine cellar, look no further than Tuscan Iron Entries. Their doors are custom made with high quality materials, ensuring a sturdy, effective, and beautiful product, every time. For a free wine cellar door quote, contact us.


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