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Steel Doors & Windows Are Trending in 2023 -- Here's Why

Steel and glass door trends 2023

Each year, an increasing amount of homeowners across the country are tackling new home improvement projects. In fact, recent statistics show that the home remodeling market is growing by over 4% on average, year over year.* And within the vast world of home improvement projects, door and window replacements have been increasing in popularity. What are homeowners most commonly upgrading to? Steel and glass doors and windows. Here are a few reasons why steel doors and windows are trending in 2023.

Modern & Contemporary Look

It's no surprise that homeowners are wanting their homes to adopt a sleek, clean, and modern look. Steel and glass doors and windows provide exactly what these homeowners are looking for -- More specifically, Slimline products from Tuscan Iron Entries. The thin, premium quality steel bars matched with strong glass make for a look that's as eye-catching as it is simple -- defining the modern home design approach.

Increases Natural Light

Because of all the natural ways sunlight benefits our lives, many homeowners are taking advantage by installing steel and glass doors and windows in their homes. Since all steel and glass products from Tuscan Iron Entries are built with premium quality materials, they are able to maximize how much glass is visible against the steel, without having to compromise on size.

Big steel and glass window trend 2023

Versatility & Uniformity

To keep a sense of uniformity, homeowners in 2023 are upgrading multiple parts of their homes with glass and steel. Patio enclosures, large family room windows, and glass wall partitions for home offices are just a few examples of how steel and glass units can fit into a home.

Want To Learn More?

Have more questions about Tuscan Iron Entries' Slimline doors and windows? Learn more here. Ready to receive a free quote? Feel free to contact us!


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